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Ringbolt was formed with the belief that most small companies reach an inflection point where the experience needed to reach the next level of success outpaces the experience of the existing management team and owners.  Unlike traditional investors whose backgrounds are in finance and banking, our team is comprised of C level Executives who know what it’s like to “work in the trenches”.  Our experience in marketing strategy allows our partner companies to scale quickly and efficiently. ​

Stainless Steel Wire cable rope with eye

Ringbolts have been used in sailing since ancient times.  On their own, they have simple uses such as stoppers and tie-downs but when combined with rigging, they allow for incredibly smooth and consistent lifting power. A Ringbolt is an example of what is possible when working together.


Having built and sold businesses as front line executives in nascent sectors, we know what it takes to be successful.  We put talent first with a unique employee-focused culture that creates a workplace of inclusion and accountability.  As pioneers in the Emerging Talent sector, we revolutionized employee engagement and retention programs that lead to unheard of employee satisfaction rates and ultimately positive impact on the bottom line.  Our team has driven growth as quickly as 10x in just 4 years and from a handful of employees to a billion dollar public company.   We understand what drives growth and ultimately value and how to create the corporate infrastructure to make it happen quickly.  


  • Experienced Executives with expertise in building corporate infrastructures for rapidly scaling companies leveraging technology at every point of the business cycle

  • Execution of marketing and sales strategies for strong platforms and products that need a go-to-market strategy

  • Partnership approach to investment with a focus on mentorship and working hip to hip with existing management

  • Ability to evaluate and deploy human capital in the right places at the right times

  • Dynamic capital as a self-funded group, continually maintaining our entire focus on investment opportunities and portfolio companies

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence

win championships."

–Michael Jordan 

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