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At Ringbolt Capital we take a holistic approach to investing.  All our target partners have one commonality, the opportunity to scale.  Our experience as operators allowed us to gain critical expertise scaling businesses in the public and private sectors.  Unlike traditional venture capital, we have executed what we are investing in and understand our executive team partners’ challenges.  


Our model is simple.  We find partners with incredible potential in need of both foundational support and marketing strategy to allow their businesses to reach their full potential.  We work “hip-to-hip” with the existing management team to capitalize on opportunities and grow.  We have created a team that brings the best of both Commercial and Federal expertise with a specific focus on leveraging Sales and Marketing to achieve rapid growth.  Each Ringbolt Executive leverages its specific expertise to allow partners to scale faster and eliminate potential roadblocks. 


Deal Criteria

  • Talented Executive Team with extensive experience in market

  • Clearly defined competitive niche with significant barriers to entry

  • Strong platform developed with a clear need for sales and marketing expertise

  • Rapid ability to deploy capital and scale quickly and efficiently

  • Executive Management Team willing to stay throughout the acquisition and investment term



Real-world strategies from executives who have worked on the front lines.  We've been there, we understand what it takes to drive significant growth and how best to get there.  


Innovation is at the core of everything we do.  Our team fosters new ideas and helps solve complex problems for our partner companies 


We realize not everything goes according to plan.  The real value of collaboration is when a team faces challenges.  We work with our partners to solve problems.


Understanding when to deploy resources and processes is as important as why.  Our background in functional deployment allows our companies a distinct go-to-market advantage


Leveraging marketing has become a necessity for any business looking to expand.  We have years of experience in driving growth through marketing strategy.


Our philosophy of working hip-to-hip with our partners is a driving principle at Ringbolt.  We consider ourselves constructive mentors whose goal is to get the best out of every team member.   

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all what the world needs most are dreamers that do.“


Sarah Ban Breathnach, Author

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