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Srikanth Ramachandran
Srikanth is co-founder and a Managing Partner of Ringbolt.  Srikanth is a serial entrepreneur known for his ability to rapidly scale emerging businesses and build high-performing executive teams.  Srikanth has been the force behind a number of highly successful technology talent organizations and is best known as the founding father of Emerging Talent in the United States.  He has led a number of international teams and worked in both the public and private sectors.  As a Managing Partner of Ringbolt, Srikanth leads the investment strategy and also provides mentoring to partner company leadership.  

Srikanth’s career has consisted of multiple successful exits in the technology, talent, and Federal sectors. His executive management philosophy of empowering his employees to achieve incredible results transcends the companies he has led. Srikanth deploys human capital efficiently to execute strategic objectives for all companies he manages. In addition to his executive leadership skills, his vision into broader corporate management and corporate initiatives provide a unique skill set for rapidly and efficiently scaling companies.
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Joe Vacca
As one of the founders of Ringbolt and a Managing Partner, Joe brings over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience to the Ringbolt team.  Joe previously held executive positions in a number of high-growth public and private companies including Revature, Intersections, and EduCap.  Joe’s focus has been on emerging sectors in Technology, Financial Services, and Information Security.  Joe is a subject matter expert in brand creation, product ideation, and digital marketing for both B2B and B2C businesses.  Joe has a number of patents and received his MBA in Management from Frostburg State University and a BS in Marketing from Shepherd University.  

Joe carries a breadth of marketing and branding solutions to every company he works with. His expertise is transferable to any company, and he is able to quickly evaluate, design, and execute marketing strategies for maximum growth across a broad spectrum of industries. Joe is adept at integrating marketing and sales verticals to achieve growth objectives quickly and succinctly.  His background provides a platform for all companies Ringbolt partners with to leverage his expertise to obtain synergy across business lines for ultimate profitability.
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Browning Herbert

Browning is the Managing Director of Ringbolt Capital, and brings over 15 years of Business Development and Finance experience to the Executive Team. His experience as a Senior Sales Manager in Commercial Banking and time as an Acquisition Manager in Private Equity provide a unique perspective and skill set for acquisitions and structured finance for portfolio companies. Browning has specialized in creating financing solutions for small to medium-sized business owners to ensure ideal financing and financing structures are in place. Browning graduated from Elon University with a BS in Business Management and a Minor in Economics, and has a certification in Bank Management from the Virginia Bankers Association.  

As a Managing Director, Browning is dedicated to working with business owners to determine the most efficient way to structure a company’s capital needs to meet their growth objectives while maintaining strong operating efficiency. Browning is able to quickly analyze financials of a company to determine how to deploy capital efficiently to enable scale. His private equity experience provides the ability to partner with acquired companies to find additional add-on acquisitions, and position holding companies with an exit strategy attractively to the broader market.​

"None of us is as smart as all of us"

Ken Blanchard

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